Armin Torbecke

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Interreligious Dialogue and Nonviolent Conflict Resolution

Ort: Hungary
Datum: 04.02.2011 bis 06.02.2011

This Seminar offers ideas to deal with religious contextualization of personal differences and overcoming those non-violently. For more information about content and exercises look at Link ("prototype" - little `Scroll-Leiste` on the right side) page 72 to 83 and/or contact me.

Date: Friday February 4 th (19 pm) to Sunday 6 th (11 am) 2011

Location: Hungary

Faciliation (seminar leading): Abe Thjis (Kerk en Vrede, Netherlands) and Armin Torbecke

In cooperation with: BOCS (Hungary), IFOR - German branch

At this international seminar will participate people from several european countries. Therefore the number of german participants is limited. Please contact me if you are interested in this seminar.

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